Businesses want Results not impressions

success business 101How does your current marketing stand up? Is it tracked to show a good ROI (return on investment), measured success and so is effective marketing?

In 2014, business owners will want to see real ROI, meaning maybe a move from CPV (cost per view) from maybe Adwords, Facebook, Leaflets, local press etc to CPA (cost-per-action) models, where businesses get real lead generation. Even Google Adwords don’t secure you leads, just the right type of visitor to your website and they’d still have to decide to call you.

This means businesses will pay for leads that they have to convert into a sale and not just meaningless visitors to their website or a press releases that don’t maybe get you sales.

What methods or results can I expect? To show this below is real example from 1 day in December 2013 for a client of Business 101 using our telephone number service Hull VoIP, our Niche Marketer portal and our online CRM system. Some information has been masked for data protection.

Tracked Calls from December 19, 2013
Time                Number           Call duration

  • 16:34         0797948XXXX         0:28
  • 13:56         0148286XXXX         2:18
  • 12:43         0148289XXXX         2:25
  • 12:08        0165369XXXX          8:17
  • 11:42         0148230XXXX         4:40

1 Tracked Niche Website form submission


Call 0785434XXXX
Postcode area HU8  XXXX
Please can you give a quote for 5ft driveway wooden gate

This lead was sent from a form on  powered by Business 101


Our client pays for these leads that should mostly convert to sales or business. This obviously changes depending on what type of business you’re in and how people contact you. For example a Taxi will 99.99% of the time be ordered by phone but other industries people will maybe want more info, a quote, a meeting, not urgent and this is where contact forms are used more.

With “Cost per action” or “lead generation” businesses know what they are paying for and our system enables all of our methods to be transparent and fully traceable.

Not all of our system is need by all businesses and so ideally a meeting would enlighten you more.

Lets speak very soon!



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