CRM “Online easy Dialer”

CRM “Online easy Dialer”

online easy dialerUsing our CRM enables you to manage client details from scheduling meetings, meeting notes, contact details, phone call discussions, services offered, end of contract dates, and so on, the list is endless. Our CRM offers businesses everything to stream line everyday functions and to make everything within your business more accessible.

We are happy to announce our newest feature for our CRM system the “online easy dialer”. This gives the ability to simply click a client or sales call number in the CRM with a cursor to dial that person or company up. The “Online Easy Dialer” system dials out using our telecoms VoIP system and a freely available software phone that we can help setup to call the clicked number.

This system will save you time, money and space on your desk.

Ask for a demo of our CRM and new module and service “Online Easy Dialer” which is ideal for sales call centres.

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