CRM systems and Marketing

CRM systems and Marketing

Just before people and businesses broke up for the Christmas period we had a request from 3 local businesses to build them each a CRM system. The main reason given, was to help with marketing and gaining business opportunities in the New Year.

A businesses next paying client can come from many sources but repeat business is one of the easiest. and if you collect data correctly a newsletter is a great way to get in touch with offers or new products / services.

One of the business already had details entered into a spreadsheet ready to import but the other 2 had details on feedback cards. This is another service we can provide – Data Input and as the saying goes “Data is King” having a customer database is a must.

As well as contacting the clients in your database, the system we build also allows you to keep records of invoices, any contact (calls) you have had with that client. This allows other staff to see others activity and contact stored with your CRM system keeping all staff informed and  up to date.


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