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As our strap-line says “We make business work”

We have a growing selection of online applications in our Business 101 toolbox for you and your business. Plus we are developing more as they become apparent to us.

Our CRM (Customer Relation Management system) enables you to have a registration page that enables clients to sign up to your company and have an account with you. By filling out an online form on your website would enter them into your companies new powerful  internal management system. This enables your staff to add notes to company profiles and easily share vital data to help your company run smoothly.

This is the heart of our online toolbox and seamlessly allows many other applications work in harmony.

Newsletters are essential in today’s marketing plans with social media and data capture a must. Your clients, suppliers or subscribers details within the CRM are ready to be used with this user friendly Newsletter tool. You can easily design and build your company newsletter with the simple menu interface ready to send out automatically over night. Full training will be given or we can run the campaigns for you as well as design eye catching newsletters.

Once the newsletters are sent out you can see through our system how many are opened, what links are clicked, all of which are powerful insights to monitor your subscribers reactions.

Task Management is a great tool to use internal to your company and externally on projects with clients. Administrators or users can create a task and assign it to another user within the system. The user that has been assigned a task can comment and interact, until the task is ready to mark as complete. Throughout the process, emails are sent to all parties involved keeping everyone updated.

Overall this is a great system to document “tasks” within your business as tracking emails back and forth can be confusing and not controlled & documented.

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