Social Media Management


Right now mostly everything if not everything can be found online somewhere. With the introduction of social media and the huge popularity rise in the current years – platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube rule the social media digital world.

The infamous blue bird (Twitter) was founded in 2006 and in it’s first year there was only 16,000 accounts made. Fast forward to the present day and there are now 313 million users with around 60,000 tweets per second. Whether its the likes of popular social media influencers like Kim Kardashian or the average person tweeting about their lunch, businesses and brands use Twitter as a great way to communicate with a different demographic and audience. With a less informal approach, tweeting to other businesses, clients or the general public about anything relevant to the business.¬†Other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have an extensive amount of users as well as YouTube videos accumulating millions of views.

With help from our in-house digital marketing team we are able to manage your social media accounts. Managing means that over time you will see a rise in followers and interaction with posts. You will see that your business has a stronger online presence and higher visibility. We post relevant yet interesting and exciting tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram photos in order to reach an audience.

For more information on our social media management, contact us and someone from our digital marketing team will be more than happy to speak with you.


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