No Consultation Fee & No Long Contracts

We as Business 101 dislike contracts that tie us into deals that may not work or we may not want in 6 months.  This is usually because it didn’t deliver what we expected or just had no need for the service anymore.

We reflect this in our business to clients. If we offer you a marketing plan to get more visitors to your website, more sales leads and more money in the bank at the end of the day and it doesn’t happen why would you want to carry on?

A long contract has no guarantees on a return on investment and is usually hard to track where leads or sales came from. We are 100% behind tracking our efforts for you and insist on this type of service. Why would you not want to track leads or want a return on an investment you pay a monthly fee for?

We use Google Web Master Tools, Google Analytics, Statistic code, Traceable telephone numbers, and other clever methods to make sure we know exactly what is happening to help your business gain sales and grow.

Look at some of our clients in the Portfolio page and even contact them in regards the work we have carried out for them.

Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss what service or product you’d like more sales of.  So when in your diary can you make a meeting to discuss more sales leads? We’ll even treat you to a coffee at one of our clients restaurants

Their is No Consultation Fee & No Long Contacts because it’s a no brainer to carry on your services with Business 101.


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