Statistics for website visitors, vanishing?!

Statistics for website visitors, vanishing?!

statisticsIf you have a website a year or so more we’d have said you need to look at your company website statistics.

This was mainly to see what people have been searching for and then to see which pages they visited after that search phrase, length of time on your website and so on. This was a great tool to be able to focus our efforts on certain keyword phrases on your website to drive more niche traffic.

Dramatic changes to Google’s policies means that some search results are encrypted not allowing the site owner access to valuable data of what search phrases were used to find their website. This started with people who are logged into a Google account automatically blocking data to be transferred to website statistics and are slowly moving it over to all users.

This move could be for a lot of reasons but contradict each other as Google releases data if you pay for the clicks to your website. This is called Adwords and you pay an amount to Google per click from their adverts displayed at the top and right hand side of the Google search results page.

Looking at the Google traffic to one of our clients websites above, you can see how much Google are actually blocking shown “Encrypted Search” here on the screen shot and stopping what website owners are seeing. And as you can see the visitor from we can see the visitors search phrase “Modular Building Removal”

If you’d like to talk to us more about this and see how we can work around this kind of problem, contact us.

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