What can we market for you?

Having completed many projects for Technical Procurement since starting working with them in April 2013 we have produced some great results for our client. Not all industries or products are easy to market but Project Management, Refit and Refurbishment is the task in hand for Technical Procurement and it’s looking good.

technical-procurementTechnical Procurement do have a website that we have been working on with Adwords, adding content and updates. We nicely seem to be pulling away from the competition in SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) with Micro niche websites and some other clever website ideas to get in front of¬†potential new clients.

Some areas and industries we’ll admit, we can’t crack or the budget is too high to make a good return on investment others may lead you down the garden path though. But surprisingly, to many people we have meetings with we’ve told them that we can’t or more to the point spending lots of money online for that industry is a loss gainer.

Saying that we can help businesses in many ways from fence suppliers, to hotels, modular building experts to broadband suppliers – we can help you!


Give us a call to discuss what you’d like to sell more of whether it’s a service or product. 01482 247123


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