Your Company’s Extra Sales Person

Your Company’s Extra Sales Person

We often get asked “Just come and work for our company as our sales team” when we start to deliver good leads across to companies.

From creating the website, to generating leads, we deal with it all. At the start we hand the leads to you instantly on a plate as speed is important to winning sales. Any sales calls or emails will be dealt with by us as if we are part of your company. This could be enough information for it to be a fantastic sales lead.

Once a few have come through and possibly even converted we then talk about handing them directly to your business but still tracking every email and every call so that we both know how well we’re doing.

We work on a performance scale with possible commissions too when it comes to generating leads and don’t fix you in to a 6-12-24 month contract. We don’t have to. We know you’re not going anywhere because of the logical way we do business. If you don’t get leads, you don’t pay us for our services: simple!

At first our lead generation websites are usually basic and intended to generate leads with a simple “Call Now” message to users. As time goes on, we develop more bespoke sites tailored to what your business offers. You’ll look at us generating leads as your extra sales person working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Occasionally, we’ll hold our hands up and admit that we can’t help in some business sectors. It may be that it present a conflict of interest or it’s a market that is too competitive to make an impact.

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