Piaggio Ape Vehicle Graphic Wraps

Moju Piaggio ApeBusiness 101 was commissioned by a local company that converts vehicles into mobile shops. They required us to wrap two Piaggio Ape portable business vehicles. We have wrapped Piaggo Apes before (see blog post), so this was something we could do!

The first Piaggio Ape was for a portable coffee business. The company required a wood effect to be wrapped on to the body of the vehicle as well as company corporate logos and information.

Once the design was printed onto the vinyl, the signage team starting the application process. The application stage is an intricate process and can be time consuming, however the finishing result is amazing. Through using pressure and heat, the vinyl is applied in section to the body of the vehicle. Once a sheet is onto the vehicle, pressure is applied and heat to ensure no creases and air bubbles occur.

Once this process is complete, the signage team trimmed off the excess and then it was ready for the client to pick up from our offices in Hull.

The second Piaggio Ape was completed for a portable pressed juice business. The client required a certain shade of green as well as bold white writing and their company corporate logo.

Once the vehicle had a digital design and was confirmed by the client, the same process as the last vehicle was completed. Printing the design onto the vinyl and carefully applying it to the body of the vehicle with pressure and heat.

Our clients were immensely impressed with the quality and look of their Piaggio Apes! What do you think?

If you need a vehicle wrapping, contact us today and a member of the team will be able give your more information!

Piaggio Ape Vehicle Wrap Collage

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