Vehicle Information Stickers Redesigned and Replaced

A local agricultural company got in touch with us about manufacturing some information stickers for their Caterpillar 950G Wheel loader.

The information stickers were already on the vehicle but were covered with rust and were not up to the standard they should be. The signage team replicated the original stickers, keeping them the same size and having the same information on them.

Once we printed the stickers and their vehicles were refurbished and re-sprayed, the signage team went ahead and applicated the stickers to the body of the Caterpillar 950G Wheel loader.

If your business vehicles need vehicle livery or decals, whether it’s a Caterpillar 950G , Ford Transit Van or a Vauxhall Corsa, contact us and someone from Business 101 will be able to help. Caterpillar 950g Info Stickers


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