Business 101 on Channel 5.

Tony & Diane Great British Benefits HandoutIt all started on the Monday 1st February 2016 when Andy received a call and an email from Dragonfly TV who are the brains behind hit Channel 5 TV shows ‘One Born Every Minute’ and ‘The Hotel’ explaining to us about their new TV show, Great British Benefits Handout. Great British Benefits Handout is a spin off of the infamous TV programme; ‘Benefit Street Britain’, where families who are receiving benefits are given their annual benefit allowance and choose what to do with the money, spend it all or do something with the money to prevent them from going back on benefits.

The social experiment creators, Dragonfly TV, contacted Business 101 after visiting our website, and asked us if we would like to participate in the TV programme, we where asked if we could quickly turn around a banner and some vehicle graphics before the weekend. After some deliberation, we decided to go ahead and say yes.

Following the phone call, director of Great British Benefits Handout Dave and assistant producer Emma came to our offices/workshop to meet Neil and the rest of the team and scope the establishment for potential filming spots. Both of them were extremely impressed with the services we provide to businesses and the quality of our workshop/offices. Emma then sent over the Tidy & Son’s logo with Micheal (Tony’s Son) had the designed, the design was a very good effort by Micheal epically having no prior design experience, we just felt it was missing a colour and fluidity. The team quickly got to work and created a design which was loved by all.

Filming for the Channel 5 programme then started on the Wednesday. Thanks to the 26k, Tony and his son Michael decided to set up a buying and selling business called Tidy & Sons. Tony and Michael came along to the Business 101 workshop/offices with Emma and Dave and met the team.

Filming started shortly after in our newly converted Creative Suite, Neil, Tony and Michael had an interview about the components of a business, brand identity, marketing and web design, vehicle livery and banners. 3 hours later, the owners of Tidy & Sons were leaving Business 101 extremely happy with the service we provided, the business advice, prices and production times. 

By Thursday, the production team had already started the design for the stall board and produced it by the deadline as it was required for the Sunday. Neil and Andy then kept in close contact with Tony swapping ideas and the final drafts for Tony’s van was agreed. The fitting commenced the following week.

We are currently in talks with Micheal in reference to there website which we will be giving ongoing support.

This was a great experience for Business 101 and we are extremely gracious and thankful to have been involved in such an amazing project for Channel 5 and Dragonfly TV.

Be sure to check out the trailer for the series here and tune in at 9pm on Channel 5 on Tuesday 9th February for the start of Great British Benefits Handout. We are episode 4. Feel free to snap some pics of Neil on your TV and tweet us them @Business101Hull

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