DIY websites a good idea?

DIY websites a good idea?

DIY websites a good idea?

In a nutshell NO!

If you’re an accountant would you advise on someone who knows how to add and subtract and is in the building business to reconcile and submit their business accounts? No!?
Would a florist be ok to valet a car from top to bottom inside and out? No!

This brings me to your new website that will need at least one email setting up, web hosting, optimised in search engines for your businesses industry and a fab design that fits your business and pocket.
With having years of knowledge, just like you have in your business we can advise on what designs, marketing and systems will work for your business.

Here is a list of items you may need to help your business either start up or be on track to grow.

  • An extra Domain name – that says what you do on the tin
  • Email addresses – Sales@ Support@ makes you look more organised than just having personal email addresses
  • Web hosting – This can be as cheap or expensive as you like but ideally UK based with as much flexibility as possible
  • Website design – This is your shop front 24 hours a day 7 days a week and needs to have information along with a design that appeals to your clientele
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimisation – This needs to be right from the day your site goes live and if a simple rule is followed you’ll get results
  • Marketing Platform – Collecting your clients or potential clients details is a big must and we can offer text and email marketing solutions
  • CRM  or Customer relations Management – Having access to your clients details and knowing who, when , why and what is happening is key to looking good as a business and a CRM makes it plain sailing
  • Statistics – Monitoring traffic to your website is important as knowing who walks through your shop door and knowing what people are typing etc to get to your site is also key

Looking at this list, could you set your website up to a good standard within a reasonable time scale and be also happy knowing that it will be working for you 24/7?

Contact us and let us enlighten you on how your business can be streamlined on the web.

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