Rowley Manor Website Redesign

Rowley Manor Website Redesign

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Rowley Manor – a true country British home hotel offering overnight stays, afternoon tea, weddings, parties, restaurant and much more – has been a client of Business 101’s for some time now. Business 101’s digital marketing team worked on the hotel’s social media platforms with regular updates as well as updates/changes to their website.

The owner of Rowley Manor felt it was time that their current website needed a brand new look. She didn’t have any specific requirements just that it looked modern, exciting and inviting.

Going from this, our digital marketing team we have here at Business 101 worked on a innovative web design project for our client. We decided to change the colour scheme, slider length, photographs and incorporate exciting elements in which creates a modern look and reflects the country home hotel brilliantly. 

With pages dedicated to afternoon tea, weddings, various galleries as well as a history page and much more, this web design project we undertook came to and end brilliantly. The owner of Rowley Manor loved the look of the hotel’s brand new website and couldn’t wait to get it live. So we hit GO and the old website was gone and Rowley Manor’s new website was live for everyone to see

Check out the website here

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