Stone importer and supplier moving forward

Stone importer and supplier moving forward

A local stone company that imports stone for kitchen and bathroom fitting / design companies has decided to move into the 21st century with a bang. They import from all around the world, stone of all types including limestone, slate and granite which is then made into fantastic pieces of usable stone. They hold stock in their warehouse in Hull and distribute throughout the UK to all types of business large and small.

The stone they import and supply is made beautiful in house for flooring and walls and as you can see from the image.

John and David asked Business 101 for a whole package to help bring the online benefits to the finger tips of their company to help work smarter.

Over the next few months we’ll be working with a marketing plan to bring new clients in as well as showing current ones what they offer as some are missing out on information we’ll make available.

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Photo stream on Flickr
  • Design
  • CRM (Customer relations Management) for internal use

A company that hasn’t advertised, had a working website, looked at developing new clients using available online technology and anything else related to to online for the past 10 years.

They are breathing a sigh relief having Business 101 on-board to help move forward.



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