Top 5 Marketing Tips

Tracking Marketing Jigsaw– Do you have a separate business marketing telephone number to enable you to track calls for your business marketing activity? Through having a separate business marketing number you are able to track how many calls you receive through the actions of certain marketing and promotion.

Customer details – Make sure you get customers details such as an email address or a phone number. Then you can contact customers through a newsletter which will then entice them to come back and use your business. A great example is an MOT for a car.

Monitor – Monitoring your websites ranking on Google is important. Also monitoring your ranking against your competitors is equally as important. Through monitoring your rankings in SERP’s for keyword phrases you can work towards getting above competitors through news, blog posts and social media.

Brand Awareness – At every opportunity you get, use your business logo. Get your brand out there by using the logo for everything. Signature for your emails, business cards, social media profile pictures, social media photos, van or vehicle graphics, work wear, glass windows of your offices, umbrellas etc. – the list is endless for what things your logo can be used on.

Reviews – Reviews can make or sometimes break a company, so encouraging customers to leave good reviews on either your Facebook page, Trip Advisor or Google+ pages is a key process.  Seeing great reviews, people are likely to use your business that not.

Business 101 can help you with a marketing campaign and get your business on the road to success. Contact us today and someone from the team will be happy to help. Pop by our offices on South Orbital Trading Park, Hedon Road in Hull to see how these tips can be put into place and help a business.

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