Lead Generation in Hull Project

Lead Generation in Hull Project

Lead Generation in Hull Project

Hull Photocopiers Web DesignThe digital marketing team here at Business 101 have just completed another micro website in Hull This time it was for the purpose of lead generation in which we will pass onto a  local company that supplies and leases out photocopiers to businesses.

This micro site web design in Hull project was solely for lead generation. Once leads are generated we then pass them on to the main company for them to deal with. The micro site was mobile friendly meaning it was able to be viewed across major platforms such as PC’s, laptops, tablets, smartphones and more.

The digital team at Business 101 chose a bright blue and orange colour scheme which is inviting and appealing to the eye. This gave a modern look to the site. To give the website a unique twist we included animated elements such as Counter Boxes and Progress Bars.

Along with these animated features we chose to include large scale slider images to catch attention along with images.

We love this web design in Hull project and we would love to hear from you. Tweet us your thoughts @Business101Hull 

Check out the website here!



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